SAMI Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer


SAMI (Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer) is an excellent bonding agent that acts as a flexible waterproofing membrane installed prior to either a Micro Surfacing or Hot Mix Asphalt. SAMI helps extend the life of the subsequent overlay by delaying reflective cracking of “bottom up” cracking and deflecting most of the “top down” pavement strain from vehicle loading.


SAMI is a combination of highly polymerized asphalt emulsion and quality crushed aggregate. Installed much like a Chip Seal, SAMI when used as an interlayer consists of .40 – .55 gallons/sy of polymerized asphalt emulsion and 20-24 lbs. /sy of crushed limestone, natural gravel or any approved local aggregate.


  1. Flexible Interlayer prior to Single or Double Course Micro Surfacing
  2. Flexible Interlayer on Non-Milled Asphalt Surface prior to HMA
  3. Flexible Interlayer on Milled Asphalt Surface prior to HMA
  4. Flexible Interlayer on Concrete prior to HMA
  5. Stabilizing Agent on Brick Streets prior to HMA