Micro Surfacing


Micro Surfacing is a “Polymer-Modified Cold-Mix Paving System”. When applied on the right road at the right time, Micro Surfacing is one of the most cost-effective Pavement Maintenance tools on the market today. Used primarily to extend pavement service life, Micro Surfacing also provides a safe, durable and skid-resistant surface compared to similar overlay methodologies.


Micro Surfacing is a mixture of Cationic Polymer-Modified Asphalt Emulsion, 100% Crushed Aggregate, Mineral Filler, Breaking and Setting Additives and Water, properly proportioned and applied onto a prepared surface. The specially designed polymers allow Micro Surfacing to be installed on a variety of applications, from low volume rural routes to high volume highways.


  • Improves Safety with Excellent Skid-Resistant Properties
  • Superior Durability with Long Service Life
  • Corrects Wheel Rutting
  • Corrects Moderate Pavement Bleeding or Flushing
  • Fast Set and Cure Time Allowing Traffic to Return Quickly
  • Minimizes Curb Loss and No Casting Adjustments Needed